Difference between Windows 7 64-bit Windows Pro to HP deskjet 32-bit

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I have two computers which use windows 7 of which one is a 64 bit windows professional IBM laptop and the other one is HP Desktop 32bit with windows professional the two seem to have one common problem of not accessing the internet after some time.

They both connect to Linksys G-router but after some time I get an error message “limited internet Access” but when I check all the connections I found out okay and the after I do the uninstallation of wireless drivers and then I boot the pc then it has to ask for the security code for the router after is done then the problem is solved. What could be the problem is it the router or could be the windows 7 which is does not work well with wireless network connection.

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Difference between Windows 7 64-bit Windows Pro to HP deskjet 32-bit


Hallo Alcres,

The problem that displays a limited network access is most of the times caused by a slow internet connection which could be caused by your routing not connecting properly and hence you will need to restart it. If restarting does not solve the problem with the router you will need to call you ISP for them to fix the problem for you.

Otherwise it could be a problem with the network connection settings. Just go to the network sharing center and then under local area connection properties, check if the IPv4 settings for the gateway, subnet mask, IP address and DNS servers have been properly configured.


Mahesh Babu


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