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I have upgraded my video card to Diamond Viper 770 Ultra.

It has different jumper configurations for AGP 2x and 4x.

I have an Intel Pentium 440BX chipset mx 400mhx.

From which of the following will I set it, is it by 2x or 4x AGP?

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Commonly all 440 chipset based mother supports 2x AGP mode.

Installing the Diamond Viper 770 Ultra AGP with 2x jumper on will not generate any problem.

After installing the card, the DOS/ Windows screen will appear and then install the AGP Driver accordingly. You did not post which operating system you are using. Is it Windows 98 or DOS? Whatever it is, follow the AGP’s manual to install the AGP driver successfully.

If case there is a black screen or computer is not booting properly, then consult the seller party to check that the AGP is bad and needed to replace.


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