Device to Signal Smoke In the Area

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How are we going to choose the best device suitable for signaling that there is smoke in the area?

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Device to Signal Smoke In the Area


Hi Jonah James

The devices which signal the smoke in area are called smoke detectors. And in this modern world where a house, office or commercial area is full of flammable materials it is really necessary to have some detectors who can signal by detecting smoke in the area.

Choice of smoke detectors depends upon many factors, like area where you want to install it, operation of smoke detector etc.

Here I will explain different types of smoke detectors so that you can choose according to your requirement.

Photoelectric smoke detectors: These devices work on the principle of photoelectric beams, when smoke breaks the photoelectric beam of the device then it signals alarm.

Ionization smoke detectors: These devices have small ionization chamber and when smoke particles enter in that chamber it signals alarm. This is very sensitive and so chances of false alarm increases. It is little cheaper.

Air sampling smoke detectors: There is nephelometer in this which detects very small invisible smoke and the signals alarm.

Photoelectric type is considered good for household use where toasters and other small smokes are present.

While Ionization and air sampling are good for highly sensitive areas like labs and offices.

One more thing to consider while choosing detector is battery life. Detectors are available with AC supply with DC back up or 10 year Lithium battery or normal 9 volt battery. So choose according to your requirement.

Some good smoke detector manufacturers are Kiddy, Juxin international, Anson technologies

NOTE: Always test your smoke detectors monthly.

I hope above guideline will help you to choose best smoke detector.

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Device to Signal Smoke In the Area


Smoke alarms are independent devices that integrate a method of sensing fire and giving an alarm to inform nearby people of an imminent fire.

These devices measure just about the size of a hand and are usually fixed on the ceiling in any part of the room. As of the moment, there are actually 3 types of smoke detectors available in the market, and they are: optical, ionisation, and the combined.

In “ionisation”, this is the cheapest of the types that can easily be purchased. This type is extremely sensitive to smoke particles created by flaming fires that maybe coming from a flaming piece of pot which can easily be detected before the smoke gets too thick.

The “optical” is the quite expensive type but is very effective in detecting bigger particles of smoke created by slow-burning fires. In “combined”, this type is effective in sensing flaming fires as well as slow-burning fires which are then the 2 types of fires.

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Device to Signal Smoke In the Area


Smoke means fire. An excellent and quality tested material must be the outmost criteria in selecting a functional and heavy duty device. But I could not find out which one is the best in a variety of hardware. After reading this page, I have found out important tips to map in for which device will work best and really design to detect smoke. Here, the best devices are described. Sharath Reddy’s solution helped me most. He has informed me about a great technology that can be used to detect smoke. You are really expert and reliable source. Thanks Sharath Reddy for your valuable solution

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