Dev C++ Error (An unexpected error has occurred in the application…)

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Hi dear,

I am receiving this error please provide me its solution.



An unexpected error has occurred in the application…

Address:              0x0058A815

Error message:    Access violation at address 0058A815 in module ‘devcpp.exe’.

                            Read of address 090A0DGE

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Dev C++ Error (An unexpected error has occurred in the application…)


The error that you described is of access violation. To solve the issue you should follow the steps given below.

1. Go to your dev C++ installation directory and uninstall the program because the error is caused due to incompatibility with the operating system, as there are much things to be compatible with the program when you are talking about installation of an compiler program. So firstly uninstall the dev c++ installed version.

2. Now go to your installation executable file from where you have to install dev c++ again.

3. Right click on the executable file and click the properties. The properties of the exe file will open.

4. Go to Compatibility tab and under the Compatibility Mode section check the check box with title Run this program in compatibility mode for.

5. In the drop down below select the windows 95 and then press OK.

Now Install the Program again and it will be all working now.

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Dev C++ Error (An unexpected error has occurred in the application…)


There can be some programming errors in your program that can cause this problem. If you are getting this on the execution of your code then your code is not compiled and written correctly so you need to check all the things and make sure you have not typed some thing that is not recommended by Dev C++ so you can check your code and make sure that it contains no errors.

The  other thing is to check the software you need to check that all of the directory that are related to your programs are properly path to your program also check your program that it doesn't contain any error make sure that you have a full version of your program if possible reinstall the software may solve the problem because there can be number of registry errors can cause this problem. So to solve it you can just reinstall your program.

As error shows a location of error so you need to check the code and make sure the location the bug is pointing is being fixed to solve your problem.

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