Details about Samsung Galaxy Note

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I am looking to buy a new Samsung Galaxy note, but I still got some doubts to clear.

My friend says it have android v2.3 in it with Gingerbread OS. I wonder what is "Gingerbread".

Is that something new. I want to know more about that. And I heard that it is a full HD recording device,

what does it mean ?

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Details about Samsung Galaxy Note


Gingerbread OS is a latest OS made in December 2010.


  • It is a fastest version of Android .
  • It increases your android battery life.
  • Gingerbread introduced an expanded apps setting areas that lets you easily see detailed information about each apps battery use.
  • It lets you review all of your active application see what types of resources each one is utilizing and manually force stop any program if something is wrong.
  • An update colour a scheme.
  • Improve cut and paste feature
  • Easier file management
  • Better camera management

Gingerbread Support:-

  • Internet calling
  • Lots of Senser
  • Extralarge screen size

Full HD recording means record video in high resolution.In this quality of a video is much high,when we see any recorded HD video in a big screen then it should be very clear.

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Details about Samsung Galaxy Note


Hi Samantha,

Samsung Galaxy note is a nice phone. gingerbread is a new version of android which has many latest features like:

Support for extra-large screen sizes and resolutions

Enhanced copy/paste functionality

New audio effects such as equalization, headphone virtualization

Support for multiple cameras on the device, including a front-facing camera, if available

Support for voice or video chat using Google Talk, and many more…

Full HD means You will be able to record videos in full-HD (1080 pixels) and at 24-30 frames per second, which ,means video quality of this handset is awesome.
K.P Singh

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