Details about Orthogonal software design

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I heard about Orthogonal software design, and would like to know more about that Software. Please let me know about where to download the free tools & softwares related to Orthogonal Software. I also want online materials and articles related to this along with samples for my understanding.


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Details about Orthogonal software design




Although, the word orthogonal has its meaning rooted in the context of mathematics, it does however have several meanings in different contexts of computing. From basic vector geometry, we know two vectors are said to be orthogonal if they maintain 90 degrees between them. Hence, the general idea born is that two things are orthogonal if they vary from each other independently.
In one of the computing contexts, data analysis on stored data, if the length of duration that data remains persistent on the storage has no effect on data analysis, then the persistence is said to be orthogonal. In the context of programming languages, a simple language like Pascal is orthogonal, but C++ is not.
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