Details about applying thermal paste to CPU

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I would like to know the details about applying thermal paste to my CPU. When and for how long a period must the paste be applied? After how much interval, be the paste applied again? What effect will it have on the temperature and working of the CPU? Thanks.

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Details about applying thermal paste to CPU


Hi Avery,
The steps to apply the thermal paste to CPU are as follows:
1) Remove the old thermal paste from the processor and the heat sink
2) Use ArcticClean Thermal material remover to clean the thermal paste residue from the surface
3) Insert the CPU in the socket on the motherboard
4) Place a dot of the thermal paste on the center of the CPU
5) Press the cooler over the CPU and the paste evenly spreads over the surface
6) Lock the cooler and start packing the system
7) Start the CPU and the effect will be seen by the user

The Arctic Silver 5 is the best material to be used as thermal paste for CPU. The paste needs to be replaced after two years by the user.

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