Delay in Upload while working Online

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I was working as freelance Software Programmer. I was working in the site and doing activities. While the activities are getting submitted, sometimes it hangs. I thought it may be due to the space problem in the system I started cleaning the temp files in the system parallel and again started submitting the work.

After 2 submissions again I got the same problem. This time I got it as resubmit the task again.  Again I had submitted the job about after 20 minutes it got submitted. Since activity is an important one I don’t want to waste it. So, I had waited for so much time. Then it got submitted, without any corruption.

Really it is great but, What is the reason for that? 

Please Explain.

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Delay in Upload while working Online


It may be due to the reason that server on which you were posting your work is so much busy that I can not take further requests as when we sent data over net it is divided into packets and these packets further go to the server room where ever it is located.

Now the reason comes here is that if some packets being corrupt during transmitting, then these are resented over that medium and it often happens in such situations.

So, you don’t need to worry about it. It may because of your internet connection or due to the server connection where you are sending that data.

Melevia paul.

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Delay in Upload while working Online


Hi Chitra, This problem could be raised due to your hardware configurations. Probably it would be more helpful if you provide your hardware specs along with your problem. Generally, opt following steps one by one will help your problem;

  1. Using LAN Connection from available internet connections go to properties, general and then uninstall all irrelevant protocols which you are not required. For single standing PC you only require TCP-IP protocol.
  2. Open your browser if using Internet explorer then go to tools, internet options, connections, LAN settings and then uncheck all the options
  3. Cleanup your cookies, history and temp internet files from CCleaner.
  4.  Scan your system for any virus using some reliable antivirus e.g. use this link for free virus scanning online.                                                                                                                                                      Have great day.  

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