Delay in restarting my PC with black screen

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I have problem, when i restart my computer as when i restart it there is a delay and black screen appears not my desktop. So i tried to restart it again and again but the same problem and when i press any key nothing happen. So how can i solve this problem quickly?

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Delay in restarting my PC with black screen



When computer encountered black screen when start up, this means that there is something wrong with the following;

a. Could be the fan is not spinning.

b. The monitor might not be plugged in. 

c. Failing display adapter or video card. 

d. RAM or random access memory is in back location. 

e. When new hardware installed but not properly seated or configured. 

f. A bootable USB Flash Drive connected to your computer and it confuses windows.

Do the following steps to solve the problem; > Check fan, replace if it needed to > Check wiring of your monitor > Video Adapter has to be on the right location and it's properly seated in the right spot > RAM has to be installed correctly > New hardware needs to install correctly and properly seated in the right location > Remove bootable USB flash Drive Do the following, and this will make your day white.

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Delay in restarting my PC with black screen


There are common reasons when computer re-starts then all you get is black screen. In my response to your questions, I will list down all possible problem and solutions of getting slow re-starts and black screen comes-up.

Things to fonder are the following:

The computer monitor is turned off. Lights are lit in your computer central processing unit that will indicate it's about to start but computer monitor is off.

Check power cord, monitor switch and power supply attached from monitor to CPU and to the outlet.

Graphic cards, or VGA cards is failing. It could be the VGA card is loose inside, and computer can't read the hardware and this creates black screen even though all cords seems to be plugged in. Lights indicate that all hardware are detected and CPU, monitor and all wires are OK.

The fix for this is a little bit exhausting because this requires and it's a sweaty job. A pain in the neck and it's confusing sometimes if you can't identify what VGA card is. You need screw and materials for computer to open the casing inside. Correct the slots and tighten-up to secure the VGA card and unmovable.

Bad monitor is one of them, all are secured, lights are on but what you get is black. Change monitor to isolate the problem, identify possible solutions.

Hardware inside is corrupted and needs updated driver to run the computer components smoothly. You may check all new installed hardware, uninstall and re-install to prevent this from happening.

BIOS maybe corrupted then you need to use safe mode to boot the system up if possible. Press F8 when computer is about to turn on and see if you can get to that process. Once successful then you can check the last known configuration changes, newly added devices has to be installed properly.

Operating System is corrupted and needs either system restore of re-format. Upgrade to the current OS by putting the CD into the CD-Rom and upgrade your OS.

Hard Disk failure is one of the cause, replacing this device might hard to do. Not easy to let go if this is the cause, files and documents saved might be important so you will need to find ways to get a copy and back-up for those data.

Motherboard issue, computer fan, power supply and other components inside that generate electricity to keep the computer running. RAM needs to be cleaned, remove and put it back is a great solution to this.

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Delay in restarting my PC with black screen



If you are using windows XP, try to reboot your computer and after clicking the power button, hold the"F8" button on your keyboard. After this it will pop in the screen a wizard that allows you to select Safe Mode Last Good configuration.

Then select Safe mode to easily access and manage your desktop. Inside this mode. After windows loaded. Select yes and restore your computer to latest configuration. Wait until you computer restarted and presto. Loading successful.

Hope it helps.


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