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Author: Roman Curtis
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Hi guys,

I having trouble with my Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer (ExRCA). I tried using Office 365 Microsoft Single sign-on (BETA) tool. However, I keep landing in this error message:

I don't understand what it is trying to say. Can you guys help me with this? Any help is highly appreciated.


ExRCA is attempting to retrieve and analyze a security token for user An error occurred while attempting to retrieve and analyze the security token. ExRCA is attempting to authenticate to security token service at An error occurred while attempting to retrieve the security token. The Security Token service indicated that the authentication failed. Check the user name and password and try again.

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Hi  Roman, this error happens because the username and password you entered is wrong.  Also the  UPN suffix of your  computer's user account is not updated  to public UPN suffix.  You can do this to AD  Users and Computers. In your Mr. Cloud properties (system Properties):  Below  you can see PUBLISHED CERTIFICATES, MEMBER OF, PASSWORD REPLICATION,DIAL-IN,  OBJECT and below that you can see SECURITY,ENVIRONMENT, SESSIONS, REMOTE CONTROL, REMOTE DESKTOP,SERVICE PROFILE and etc.  and below them you can see USER LOGON NAME window, type MR. CLOUD  and another window on the right side, completely type @4LOGIC.COM.AU.  and then create public UPN  suffix Under Active Directory Domain and Trusts first . Hope you understand what I wrote here.