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Author: Bart fuentes
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I am having an error with MEP 2012 stating that the database is not installed. I am running Windows Vista 32-Bit PC.

I need help please.

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This occurs due to Antivirus and installation of your Revit MEP 2012 installation. Read/Write permission, Admin rights and Power Users affect your installations. Here are the steps:

1. Uninstall your previous installation, if any.

2. Check your antivirus if it is updated, if not update your antivirus and then fully scan it.

3. After updating and fully scanning your computer, Restart your computer.

4. When you computer turns on, "turn off" your antivirus. (Your antivirus prevents the full installation of your Revit MEP 2012.)

5. Install your Revit MEP 2012. (Make sure your installer is not corrupted.)

6. Restart your computer.

7. Check your antivirus if it is turned off turn it on.

8. Now you can start Revit MEP.

-Oriendo Cathon