Database Management System Vs File Management System

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Hello! As we all know that data can be stored in files as well. And we can also perform different functions on the stored data in files as well like retrieve data or insert new data in files as well. But why do we need the database management systems if files can be used to store data. Does it mean that the file management system is not efficient or not complete?

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Database Management System Vs File Management System


The basic difference of Database Management System and File Management System are as follows.
Database Management System is a collection of interrelated data and to access those data there are a set of programs. The example of very well known DBMS is Microsoft Access.
A File Management System is nothing but an abstraction to store, retrieve, management and update a set of files. A File Management System keep track on the files and also manage them. For example, The directories manage the different files in a tree structure.
The DBMS provide the Control redundancy, Restrict unauthorized access, Provide multiple user interfaces, Enforce integrity constraints, Provide backup and recover. The File Management System has the above limitations as compared to DBMS.

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