Data Mining vs Online Analytical Processing

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What is data mining and what are the business applications of data mining in today's world? How does it differ from OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)?


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Data Mining vs Online Analytical Processing


Hey Sarah,

  • Data mining is a process where we extract the data from the data warehouse. Data warehouse is a repository of multiple heterogeneous data. It is designed for any specific theme like, customer, product, Employee. Data mining is important for making decisions to the higher authorities, as it provides better facts and statistics to them.
  • There are two types of data mining:

1.OLAP(Online Analytical Processing)

2.OLTP(Online Transaction Processing)

So, OLAP is a part of data mining.

  • An OLAP cube is a data structure that allows fast analysis of data. It can also manipulate and analyze data from different perspectives.
  • For OLAP processing, a cube is generated and then we can view the data according to our need.

For e.g

                                    Computer Dept         IT Dept            Mechanical Dept

Average Salary                  90000                 800000                    50000

Employees                           90                        10                         88

This fields can be changed according to our need.

  • According to the types of the data the OLAP processing can be done in three different manners that are:
  1. ROLAP (Relational OLAP)
  2. MOLAP (Multi dimensional OLAP)
  3. HOLAP (Hybrid OLAP)

Hope it helped you.

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Data Mining vs Online Analytical Processing


Hi Sarah,

Data mining is a process that involves gathering information from already existing sites or databases or gathering information from the field using processes like interviews and questionnaires. It is a process that is mostly carried out by companies that are just starting for the purpose of establishing a base to start on, to collect enough information to incorporate into the system and help in take off.

In my view, online analytical processing in itself encompasses data-mining, but it is the process that seeks to answer queries in multi-dimensional ways, or gives multiple views to queries that it answers.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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