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I got a critical error in initializing Hyper-V Manager. The error says that it is unable to allocate certain MB of RAM.

Beside the insufficient system resources message, the error code being displayed is 0x8007705AA.

Due to this, I cannot access it. Kindly help me in fixing this issue.

Hyper- V Manager
An error occurred while attempting to start the
selected virtual machine(s).

Thank you!

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To fix this error,  you  must delete physical CD/DVD Drive from an existing Guest Machine by changing the DVD setting to None or point to an ISO file.

        To achieve this task carry out the following steps:

1. Find another Guest machine that is configured to use the Physical CD or DVD.
2. From Hyper-V manager, choose settings and Click on the DVD drive option under Hardware.
3. In the right hand pane, Under the Media options choose either NONE or to an Image File according to your needs. Or
4. Open the Guest Machine  click on Media under media choose DVD drive in the submenu choose Uncapture<Drive letter for DVD drive>.