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Hi fellows,

I have a Sony DCR TRV-17 mini DV camcorder. I recently tried to transfer my files from my camcorder to DVD. I am using windows XP pro, 2.0 GHz processor and I GB ram. To transfer my files I am using pinnacle studio 9 but it did not work so I used Nero instead.

When I started the DVD burning process, it started successfully but when I tried to view the video I burned on the DVD, I got an error. The screenshot of the error is attached below:

Creation of the video preview failed

The message states:

Video preview failure

Creation of the video preview failed.

Please check the device connection and make sure that the device is not being used by another application or user.

Can anyone please shed some light on how can this problem be solved? I can't find an authentic solution to the problem. Waiting to hear from you soon.

Thanking you loads.


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Hi Jessie,

It should be a connection/restart error. Try Unplugging the device then restart the computer. When rebooted. View the video. If the problem still persists, reinstall the driver of your device (which is included upon purchase of the device in cd form) to the computer you are using. This will resolve for some errors due to installation.

Hope it’ll help.