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Good day!
I am trying to create a combo box in Visual Basic and I have struggled for 3 days searching through the internet but I can’t get the answer. I want to create the combo box in a dynamic way so that when select value or data it should appear in the combo box and if I click on the shape I should get 1 combo box.
Any ideas on this issue please assist.
Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Thank you...

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Hello Lowell,

To add a combo box in Visual Basic you will need to use the add command option. With your VB open, you will just double click on the combo box icon on the form that you are working on to add the combo box. Alternatively, you can click once with the left button of the mouse and then draw the combo box on the form.

You will then need to add the commands for the combo box. Note that the combo box may limit the choices that you as a user may have. to add the commands you will need to click on the down arrow in the box and then select a command from the list of options.

You can read in details on how to create a combo box here:

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu