AS/400 shows a Level Check

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I am using the hardware AS/400 which gives a warning level check on a CL.

But DSPPGMREF and DSPFD show the same Record Level Identifiers.

I need help.


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AS/400 shows a Level Check


Let us understand the process from the beginning. When you are working with the RPG program, Level check is generated in some occasion. That RPG program may have a pf file or a display file. When we compile the pf system, it creates a RCT-FMT level identifier file.

This identifier has a unique number for each record format. When we change the pf file’s structure and compile it, the program generates a new recorded for the FMt file.

The same goes, when the FMt file is called and used by some pgm related command/file. When the pf structure is changed & pgm is not been compiled, the Level check error occurs.

As pgm is not been complied, the pf file uses the old identifier. To check what identifier or file we use DSPPGMREF & DSPFD. DSPPGMREF used for FMt level identifier checking and DSPFD for file/program checking. Use these commands to check which file/program or identifier is used.

If it is the old identifier/ file, then you need to compile again with the new identifier/file.

This will stop the Level check error.  Sometimes DSPPGMREF & DSPFD checking finds that all is ok but still showing Level Check error. There may be one then one file in the *LIBL folder. This extra file is trying to open when you access any file/program.  In this case, compile your program again with the correct file.


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