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I want my contacts on iCloud be available on my computer. Because I want to create a group where I can separate the contacts of my family, friends and other relatives. I don’t have MS-Outlook installed on my PC so I need an alternative to this so I can regroup my contacts. I was told that this is the only way, but buying software from Microsoft will cost too much. Is there any other way? My iPhone’s contacts are not showing in iCloud, except for my own number. How can I fix it?

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These are the steps to transfer your iPhone contacts via iCloud. The first step is to go to settings of iCloud and switch the contacts to Off. It will ask a permission if you want to maintain your contacts that are present in your iPhone or erase them. Wipe out only if you have a backup in your Mac or PC. We will be synchronizing your contacts again from your Mac or PC and upload it to iCloud. Second, synchronize contacts with iPhone using your Mac or PC.  Third, you need to go to iCloud settingss again and toggle the Contacts to On. This will turn on the contacts again.  Then, you can click on Merge. This feature will upload your contacts to your iCloud account  for a couple of minutes. Lastly,  go to contacts app to authenticate if you have only all the contacts synchonized to your iCloud account.