Could not update ThreatFire to 4.1.0

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I recently tried to update ThreatFire to its newest version, but it failed. I have a TF 4.1.0 ready for installation. I deleted my present version of TF, and do a fresh install of 4.1.0. However, when trying to install TF 4.1.0, I received a message stating that there was another copy of ThreatFire that was already running so I was not able to install TF 4.1.0.

The next thing I did was to perform a reboot and then install TF I am thinking that if I will try to re-install the older version, I could be able to remove it correctly. But I encountered the same exact error.


This installation of ThreatFire will not proceed because we have detected that another instance of ThreatFire is already installed on this computer. You either have a different version of ThreatFire installed or you have a bundled version of ThreatFire included as part of another security product. A sample of bundled instance would be the Behavior Guard in PC Tools Internet Security Suite. Only one instance of ThreatFire, whether a full or bundled version, can be installed at any given time. If you wish to change your current ThreatFire installation, please check your installed programs through the Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs. For further assistance, please feel free to contact support at

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Could not update ThreatFire to 4.1.0



Hi Heather Curtis
Threatfire doesn’t support this way of update. You need to uninstall first the older version before updating it or installing the new update. Just simply uninstall your threatfire older version. But if you have than this already like you mentioned in you post check all the folders for your threatfire and remove them if you found any of them. If you can`t find them do a quick search on you relocal disk C: by Click start menu and then choosing the Search command after doing this Type Threatfire if you didn’t find any do a manual search again on you Local drive C: for any folder that is connected to your threatfire or check you users folder if there is any folder for Threatfire delete it if you found any.
 Just remember that not all Folders are deleted after uninstalling them
 Good luck. Contact for any further question.

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