Could not start Grand Theft Auto

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Hello tech guys,

I was at my friends home because I want to play computer games, I choose to play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, when I am about to start the game, the game did not start, instead of starting an error message appeared that it could not start the game.


Could not start Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Please try restarting, or if the problems persist, contact MTA at

On my frustration of the game, restarted the computer, when windows started, I tried to play again, same thing happens, the game won't load, and displaying the same annoying error message, I scan my computer for any virus that might infect the game application, but no virus was found, please help me find a solution to my problem, thanks you.

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Could not start Grand Theft Auto



It seems that the version of GTA is no longer supported by older versions. The game seems to be linked to the Internet and it's pretty much telling you to download the newer version of the game. My suggestion is to install that new download and run it. It seems to be the only option you have.

Actually a lot of games do that now, they are usually updated from the Internet to check for validity.

Options 1:

Try disconnecting the internet before the game starts.

Option 2:

Disable internet connection to the game via your Firewall.

This is the most common option because any outgoing and incoming connections to the game will be stopped.


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Could not start Grand Theft Auto



Hello guys,

I have a solution to run the GTA SAN on the computer if you complete these following requirements:

1. To get game PC required:

I. e. 3d card like inno xfx msi asus geforce 8800gt, 7600gt, 9800gt, 8800gtx, 8800ultra, 9600gt, 9500gt, 9400gt, 8500gt, 8600gt
8600gts, 240gt, 210gt, 220gt, 250gts, 260gtx, 275gtx, 280gtx, 295gtx, 430gt, 440gt,450gts.460gtx, 465gtx, 470gtx, 480gtx, 520gt, 545gt, 550gtx

560gtx, 570gtx, 590gtx and ati 3,4,5,6 thousand series

2. Processor like Intel core 2 duo, core 2 quad, dual core, corei3, corei5, corei7, Pentium d,

3. 4 GB Ram.

4. Windows XP (SP3) or Windows Vista, Windows 7.

5. Hard disk space 5 GB.

6. PSU 500 Watt with +12v and 22 Amp.

7. Directx 9 or Directx 10.

8. Sound Card.

Then you are able to play the GTA SAN on Computer.

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