Could not locate saved photos in Paint Shop Pro 8

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I have dragged a group of image references from the web to Paint Shop Pro 8. But the application got frozen before I save the pictures to a file. Even though the pictures are there in the screen, it is not accessible. And also, if I successfully save the picture files, where can I access those and save it as another file? When I first save the pictures before, I could not access it anywhere on my PC. I have searched for all .jpg and PSP files in all drives, but I was unsuccessful to locate the files. Can someone please help me?

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Could not locate saved photos in Paint Shop Pro 8


Hi Pacey de Belen

Paint Shop Pro uses two methods for saving files 1) Run length encoding (RLE), which is fast and compresses most multi-layered images to about 75% of their original sizes. It works well with images that contain large areas of the same color and 2) LZ77 compression, which is slower than RLE, but can compress an image to a smaller size than RLE. It works well with photorealistic images.

However if you unable to locate those file try to search them in Paint Shop Pro’s native directory, i.e. “C:Program FilesJasc Software” with the file format of “.PSP” or “.PspImage”. While accessing previously saved files or to edit and save previously saved files you can search them at the same location. With the same file format. To prevent you from losing your work if your computer shuts down unexpectedly, you can use the Autosave feature to save your files automatically at specified intervals. To find where Paint Shop Pro saves the autosaved files, select File > Preferences > File Locations and select the Undo/Temporary Files folder from the File Type list.

This will help you to locate your missing files and also you can track them easily for future use.

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