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Hi Techyv, 

Please help me on how could i access my yahoo messenger again. I could not access my account.

It  says "error occur invalid user name or password" when i try to the other computer there will be no problem.

Please help me on this.


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Hi James,

I also experience that kind of problem even if my username and password are correct i can't still access my account. The problem here is the yahoo program there is some kind of error occur during installation. The best solution is to reinstall the application and run your new yahoo messenger.
This has also happened to my MIRC where I am also encountering this problem and i search it in the forums then find the solutions on this
Skype has also this kind of error and FACEBOOK. All social networking sites right now are having this kind of problem and also messengers like yahoo encountering this kind of problems.
Make sure you have a virus scanner installed on your PC for your protection.
Tony Stevenson