Copy Files and Folder in old computer with the Same Configuration

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I’m having problems regarding Microsoft Office.

The drive which I previously used in my computer is now in another computer working as a slave drive.

I’ve recently installed Microsoft Office, the same one as to the one in my old computer.

Now, what should I do to get the files in my old Microsoft Office?

Is there another way like copying key files and folders, and setting it to the same configuration the same one in my old Microsoft Outlook?

Thanks to those who can help.

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Copy Files and Folder in old computer with the Same Configuration


There are several simple ways by which you can easily get those Microsoft office files from your old computer with the same configuration. You can use portable hard drives for transferring or even USB to your old pc and transfer those files to your new pc with a same configuration.

You can also connect your pc to that and get those files from that easily. You need to connect your computer and make a network between your computers, then you can easily transfer, whatever you want by these methods. You can also get those through an e-mail. So there are so many ways by which you can easily get those Microsoft office files with the same configuration.

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Copy Files and Folder in old computer with the Same Configuration


The following steps it will help you in obtaining its ancient (former) information files to the new installation and that it is possible to use as it is used in its ancient (former) system.

I spend (pass) 1: To move files of ancient information

He (She) has installed Outlook in a new team (equipment) or a new hard disk and it is ready to begin using its ancient information.

Explorer's use of Windows to copy every file of personal folders (. pst) of its place of safety copy (unit (unity) of network or means extraíbles, like a CD or DVD or portable hard disk) to: Documents and SettingsSettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook folder.

Although he (she) can keep the information files in any folder, this is the predetermined place that Outlook uses for having created files. pst.

Note: – this place is a secret folder. To use the explorer of Windows to sail up to this folder, the first debit to activate in the visualization of secret folders. In the explorer of Windows, in the menu Hardware, click on folder Options. In the card to See, under advanced Configuration, in files and folders, secret files and folders, selects the folders and files concealed from the Show. If you want to see all the extensions of name of the file, it deactivates it to conceal the extensions for known types of file pigeonhole. The secret folders turn out to be attenuated to indicate that there are no typical folders.

I spend (pass) 2: To form its account when it begins Outlook

About having initiated Outlook for the first time, one asks him for information about its account of e-mail. Depending on the type of account that you use, Outlook can create a new file of information known as Outlook as a file of personal folders (.pst). That is good, if you are a new user but not what wants if already out an Outlook user, probably you had its e-mail messages to a file.pst, and he(she) wants to keep on using this file.pst. It can still come to its original information, but first complete the

Outlook configuration answering to the questions for that one will ask him that I answered. Once it is in Outlook, there are some important steps to recover its ancient information and, next, making sure that new messages deliver to themselves in the same file.pst that previously they were using.

I spend (pass) 3: Access to the ancient (former) file of information of Outlook

If it uses an account POP3, or to form its Exchange account to deliver to a local file of personal folders (. PST), he (she) needs to from Outlook to open the file.

  1. In the menu I File, choose to Open and, next, click on a file of information of Outlook.
  2. Click in the file.pst that wants to open and, next, it clicks in Accepting.

The name of the folder associated with the file of information appears in the list of folders in the navigation panel. If it has never changed the name to show, it is still predetermined of the personal folders.

To half of way end. Now probably it has two personal folders that it appears in the navigation panel. The first one was created by Outlook when first it had initiated Outlook and they provided information about its account. The second folder is its ancient information. He(She) can verify that the original information is in Outlook by means of the visualization of the salver of entry or the subfolders under one of the earnings. It should see all its ancient elements.

If you see two earnings with the name personal folders in the navigation panel, we recommend to him to continue(follow) the rapid steps in the section 'to Personalize the name of screen of the file of information' to insure itself of that the easiest following procedure. If you see a folder of top level named personal folders, go to the section of 'messages Delivery to the file.pst previously used'.

I spend (pass) 4: To personalize the name of the screen of the file of information

If it maintains the predetermined configuration and it ended with two sets of personal folders, it can be confused. It has two information files, the file that Outlook created on having initiated Outlook for the first time and file of ancient information that only was added. Now it is a good moment to personalize the name to avoid confusions.

  1. In the navigation panel, click in personal folders and, next, click Properties of personal folders.
  2. Click in forward position.
  3. In the text picture name, write a name that should be significant for you, like my messages.
  4. Click in Accepting two times.

Now it will see a top folder named My messages in the navigation panel. You will always be capable of identifying quickly the information file of any others.

Note: – also it is useful if you maintain multiple file files. PST to personalize the names of files. For example, if it creates a file.pst monthly to store your articles(items) sent during this month, you can rename the name of visualization of personal folders to something more friendly, like file of sent mail – in December, 2007.

I spend(pass) 5: To send messages to the file.pst previously used

It can use one or more files.pst, but only new messages can be delivered to a file.

Now when its old articles(items) are available in Outlook, he(she) needs to know what information file is its main information file and all the new elements must go to the salver of entry in the file.pst of Outlook. The file or the mailbox to which the new messages are delivered is defined as the place of predetermined delivery.

  1. In the menu Hardware, click on configuration of the account.
  2. In the card e-mail, select the new e-mail account and, next, click in changing folder.
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Copy Files and Folder in old computer with the Same Configuration


I am thankful for sharing your expertise.

Your help is very much appreciated. I followed the detailed steps from moving my old data to customizing file display and delivering the messages to previously used files.

My data from the old computer were transferred to my new one with still the same configuration.

Techyv is brilliant for this kind of problem solving matters. 

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