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How can I convert Thunderbird or Seamonkey into a viable alternative to Outlook with Mozilla Lighting 1.5?

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Thunderbird or Seamonkey needs to be installed in your computer before you can add Lightning 1.5. After downloading the XPI install file, you have to launch Thunderbird. Choose Tools then click Add-ons Manager. Then click Install and go to the Lightning XPI file. Click OK.

Then, restart Thunderbird. When you are in there, Lightning will show you a calendar tab this time in Thunderbird. Click that tab to view your default calendar. Use the tabs at the top of your calendar to view the way you want it. There are lots of things you can do now.

If you want to add an event, choose Events and click New Event. You can add start date and end date, you can also add notes. After adding all the notes, click Save. After converting Thunderbird into a viable alternative to Outlook, you have now your calendars, thing to do and emails emerged into one application.