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An email correspondent sent me some WAB files but I couldn't open them for some reasons. What is the best way to convert WAB files in Linux into DOC format?

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Hi there,
There are a few options you can try. I would recommend you to try libwab. You can find it in the following link:
It is a small command line that will allow you to export your .WAB files. All you have to do is compile it and run it. You can also try some more complicated solutions like WAB Converter or WAB Processor. 

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Usually, WAB files can be converted into CSV or Excel format because the Windows Address Book format from Outlook can be easily organized in a CSV or Excel Worksheet. That's why I suggest, you first convert your WAB file into a CSV or Excel file using "SysTools WAB Converter 1.0". Then from there try saving your Excel or CSV file into text or doc format.