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Author: Moria Stone
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I am currently working on a website and I am having trouble converting the PSD template I have created to an HTML format. What is the best way to do this?

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 PSD files are heavy and are in layers

1. In Photoshop design the template  save as PSD format

2. Slice(mark and drag) the images or areas by using Slice tool ( K )

   Slice image into small images,because loading speed

3.Save the file - File--> Save for Web

4. File name save as (name.html )and save type HTML and Images --> Save

5. Now go to that folder you will find "images" folder and the html file you saved.

6. If you are using dreamweaver to develop, then open that file in dreamweaver

    and modify or you can create other pages with import the images from saved folder...

7. If you know to create template(dwt) in dreamweaver for web site then it will be

  easy for you to make a site faster....

Just try...