Conversion for Apple nrg to iso format

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I have a disk image and needed to do a conversion for Apple nrg to ISO format without needing to download any other softwares out there on the net. I really don't trust those software and will like to use with what resources that Apple has in its OS and I am sure they are capable of doing it. So if there are any guides or additional installation files needed specifically for Mac OS, please do share to all of us. My system is a Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Help is always appreciated.

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Conversion for Apple nrg to iso format


Hello Alfred,

There are few simple ways to convert Apple NRG to ISO format without downloading any other software form the net.

1. Try renaming the file and put .iso instead of .nrg

2. Single session disk image in NRG format is a 600 byte header and standard ISO data after that. To remove the first 600 bytes, we can use a DD utility from terminal.

The command format as follows,

DD if=source. nrg of=target. ISO bs=512 skip=600

Replace source.nrg with your NRG file and target.iso with your desired target ISO file name.

3. Use x2 studios nrg2iso software. It is a GUI wrapper, made for Mac OS.

Hope this will help you.

Thank you.

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