Connecting Three Monitors, Keyboards and Mouse to a Single CPU

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Is it possible to connect three monitors, keyboards mouse to a single CPU to save expenses?

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Connecting Three Monitors, Keyboards and Mouse to a Single CPU


Multiple devices can be connected to the same system including similar products such as monitors, keyboards and mice.

Two monitors can produce large image, but it is only possible to use one mouse and a keyboard at a time and therefore it is necessary to select the default mouse and keyboard through the Control Panel of the Windows computer.
In this case below steps are necessary to follow while connecting single system
Step 1 – VGA Splitter cable should be attached to the VGA connection port on the computer which provides two open VGA connections on the same unit that helps to connect the monitors.
Step 2 – Second step is to plug the VGA cable of each monitor in to the open VGA connection ports and once this has being done switch on the power of each monitor where both devices display the video content of the Computer.
Step 3 – Once right – clicks on the desktop, it shows a menu for select the properties required. One can choose the Display properties, then Settings and click Display. Again select Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor and click Apply to extend the video on to both computer monitors.
Step 4 – After the step-3, as mentioned above plug the USB cable of each keyboard and mouse in to the open USB ports of the computer. While starting Windows XP, operating system itself will select and applies the required drivers for the computer mice and keyboards hence re installation of the same is not necessary.
Step 5 – Step 5 is to click the start button, followed by Control panel one can select the Mouse and Keyboard feature and select the default mouse and Keyboard that you are going to use. It is always free to change this information whenever the user wants.
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Connecting Three Monitors, Keyboards and Mouse to a Single CPU


Hello Hennah,

Steps for connecting three monitor to a single CPU are as follows:

  1. First turn off the computer and remove the plug and open your computer case.
  2. Install the graphics card on the motherboard. There are two types of graphics cards PCI and AGP. PCI slots are longer than AGP slots.
  3. Plug one monitor into the video output of the computer and plug rest two into the new dual-monitor outputs.
  4. Start the computer and download the software which has the graphics card. Your computer must detect the new hardware and start installing the drivers from the graphics card software.
  5. Reboot your computer and check that all the three monitors which are connected to the video card should be working properly.
  6. At last right-click on the desktop, go to "Properties" select "Settings" option. If you operating system is Windows Vista or 7 than go the "Control Panel" select "Display," and edit the Display Settings. Select the all the three monitors and check mark the option "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor."

This is the steps you can follow for the keyboard and mice as well.

For further reference please click the URL
Hope you get the answer.
Pike Hayt

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