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Hi! Experts,

I am facing problem from removing the Conficker worms from my PC's over the network. The worm is being detected by Sophos product, which I am using. But I am receiving alerts again and again on my network PC's. Can anybody  guide me to the best solution to deal with this worms that is spreading on my network.

It is also automatically stopping services like computer browser, workstation and more on some systems and also blocking security websites from opening.


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  • You can download Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool to stop Conficker. It has the ability to block  your access to Microsoft update Antivirus update, network and the Internet. If you can't access them then download Microsoft Safety Scanner.
  • Your last option is fully reformatting your computer. Be sure that after reformatting your computer no other computer can access your newly reformatted computer on your network. Next is installing a newest version of Antivirus (try Microsoft Security Essentials this is the Antivirus I used when I removed my Conficker). Now you can setup your newly formatted computer to the network.
  • Do the same to the other computers in the network.

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  • First and foremost disconnect all the PC's on the network to prevent infection from other computers. Run an Antivirus program to scan the whole hard drive for viruses. I recommend Avast Antivirus to carry this task, then scan the drives for spyware or malware traces, I recommend SuperAntispyware or Spyware Terminator. Do this process on each computer.
  • If there are infections that cannot be removed for the reason that the operating system is running, I would suggest you to run an Antivirus scan without booting the OS. Use the AVAST BART (Bootable Antivirus and Recovery Tools CD) load the CD on the CD drive and boot from there. You can then run a more thorough scan on your computer without booting the operating system, thus not actually triggering the Virus / worm to run.
  • Also install a firewall to keep track all the incoming and outgoing connections from your system.