Computer Virus: How to deal with them?

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I know that spywares are typically installed in personal computers. I am just curious, what do you call the spywares that are installed on a shared or public computer? In cases where computers are corporate or public,Is it more convenient than installing spywares from PC one by one?

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Computer Virus: How to deal with them?



Spyware is a type of malware that sneakily gathering small information about the users of the computer. there are so many type of spyware like domestic spyware that monitors the users online activities, commercial spyware that tracks your internet browsing activities and targets you with advertising ads, keyloggers,chat loggers and internet URL loggers. some of the users use spyware to monitor or infiltrate the other users. it'll only be convenient if the user knows that it exist on his/her computer.
To deal with spyware, try installing anti-spyware software like malwarebytes or spyware tracker.
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Computer Virus: How to deal with them?


Hi Dear,

Thanks for sharing your problem with us here.

Dear Virus and spyware are very dangerous for the system health and data.

Virus is typical code that infects system files and slow down the pc. It attacks on system health and spoil software.

Where as spyware also  slow down pc but in addition it helps others to steal your value able data.

If you want to overcome these so kindly use any best antivirus. Most anti virus software just save your system from viruses but not from spyware.

You should use Panda Antivirus Latest version. It is a best toolkit to save your computer not from viruses but also from spyware.

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