Computer turns on but no display on monitor

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My computer turns on but no display on monitor. How can I solve this problem? Can anybody give me some suggestions on how to resolve this problem?

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Computer turns on but no display on monitor


First, ensure that the monitor is properly working .
Sometimes it can be happened that the computer is fine and the problem is actually in your monitor.
Sometimes your computer just has the problem because your computer is resumed from the Sleep/Standby or the power saving Hibernate mode in the Windows.
Also, clear the memory of BIOS on the motherboard, as a result the settings of BIOS will return to its factory default. Because a misconfiguration in BIOS settings can be causing this problem.
And test the power supply of your computer. And just because the computer's lights and fans are properly working doesn't mean that your power supply is well. And if input voltage in the power supply is not right, then this problem may occur in your computer.
Hopefully, this answer is helpful, easier and clearer steps to fix the problem.

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Computer turns on but no display on monitor


One of the components of your computer must have gotten overheated.

In the early years of computers, their fans were powerful enough to cool them down. But now the manufacturers believe that the computers are all in the air conditioned zone and hence reduced the power of their fans which cools the hardware.

If overheating is the problem, follow these steps

1. Completely shut down your computer.

2. Switch on the AC or fan in your room, if possible, bring in an extra fan too.

3. Wait for 30-40 minutes, restart your computer.

4. The computer display will show up if overheating was the problem.

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