Computer shutdown with no reason

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I work in computer many hours per day and in the previous days while I was working my pc shutdown many times and I lose my work so I do not know what is the problem and can’t stop it. 

Is there any software can prevent that?

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Computer shutdown with no reason


Hi Petecashmore,

Actually, there are many aspects why your computer shuts down automatically. One of this is the overheating of your system. It overheats because of too much dirt and dust.

Another one is short circuit or voltage problem. These aspects turn your computer to automatically shut down. Viruses can also cause your computer to shut down because it corrupts your files including your drivers.

These are the factors and aspects that cause your computer to shut down. In order to avoid computer shut down, you should learn to take good care of your computer. You should clean to your computer every day.

If your computer shuts down because of these aspects, it is good to just stop using your computer temporarily.

Hope the information written above could help you in your problem.



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Computer shutdown with no reason


Check the temperature of your CPU, processor, RAM it might be overheating of your processor.

Shut down your computer and after 20 mins.

Try to turn it on and when there is still a problem.

Check the following :

1. Program used


3. Anti virus

4. Power supply and other possible devices attached in your PC which might cause no accessibility and power.

Hope this will help you.


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