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What Should I do if my computer P4 becomes very slow when I connect one more hard disk, Hard disk Space:180 GB, RAM: 512MB, speed:2.6 ? 

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Thank you for sharing your problem with us.This is a very common problem now a days,almost every body faces this problem ,so this not a problem only for yourself.The least but not last,you are suggested that you should change your RAM from 512MB to 1GB,I think that will be the best solution for this problem.

Best of luck and feel free to share any kind of problem you faced, Please don't hesitate.

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Assembly balancing is an important issue for performance of any computer. Every Motherboard has limitation of supporting additional devices. Especially HDD is a important fact.

When we add more Hard Disk Drive (HDD) definitely its going to be slower. Even if you make more partition in an Hard Disk Drive (HDD) it will be more slower than a Single partition of Hard Disk Drive (HDD). RAM also be a fact for Speed /faster of a computer.

If you add an 1G rather than 512MB it will be more faster. No need to change processor. You can update RAM for better performance

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Hi Haque,

Thank you so much!I've upgraded my RAM and it is much faster even I use another hard drive on my PC P4. My unit improved with its new RAM. Thanks for sharing what you know.