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Why can't my computer boot when my external hard drive is plugged in and could this mean it is faulty?

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Originally, external hard drives (or any external storage devices for that matter) are created to be use as a backup. Meaning, the user can save all their important files and documents to it in case your computer crashes, and you can no longer access all those files directly from your internal storage device. If your external hard drive is non-bootable, then there is no way to use it to start up your computer. You’ll have to unplug it from your system and boot it first before plugging in the external hard drive otherwise your system will not start. You can try to make your hard drive bootable however you’ll have to have the right memory space for the Operating System to fit and to work for your system afterwards. And also, you’ll have to know if the external HDD you are using was actually made for such use. After making it bootable, you will then have to configure your BIOS settings option to make your system boot using your external HDD.

Tanok Bloran

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You can boot, your hard drive using external hard drive. Pleases follow below step to Create Bootable External drive.

1.     Change BIOS boot sequence to USB Device .(External Hard Drive)

2.     Always Connect your External Hard Drive to Computer.

3.     Switch ON the device and wait for the message "Press any key to beet from external Device"

4.     Press any key to boot. Your System will boot from External drive