Computer gets restarted instead of shutting down

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I am facing problem on my pc. Whenever I shutdown my pc, it gets restarted instead of shutting down. It may be a hardware problem which i am not sure of. Can you please give me a solution?

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Computer gets restarted instead of shutting down


Hey Harry!

Do not worry about this problem. I also had faced this problem but a simple step let me free from this problem. I searched on the internet for this problem and solution, I come up with was very easy. So what you need to do is just to follow these steps:

1. Right click on "My Computer".

2. Click on Properties.

3. A new window of system properties will open, here click on the Advance tab.

4. In the last section of startup and recovery, click on the Settings button.

5. Here you can see an option of "Automatically restart" in System Failure section.

6. Uncheck this option and close the system properties.

Next your computer will not automatically restart when you will shut down it.



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Computer gets restarted instead of shutting down


Hi there , 

i m sad to say that your computer is infected by huge loads of virus . The virus has changes your shutdown definition inside your system files.


They way to prevent it from the PC infection is to download and install a good antivirus.

I personally recommends using Kaspersky Internet security 2012 . 

Its the best internet security and or antivirus that instantly kills any virus on its way. It prevents and protects too . 100s of technology has been combined into it which makes it a perfect suite for protection of your PC against Malwares.

Download and install it .  And run a full system scan . 

After that restart the PC and then try shutting down the PC ,

If problem persists then Re-Install your OS .

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Computer gets restarted instead of shutting down


I did what Tunacao_caaron1 said and checked the automatically restart option. I also checked my anti-virus like what Lesten said. I updated it and scanned my whole computer. After the reboot, I tried to shut down and it no longer restarts. Thank you Tunacao_caaron1 and Lesten Pasio.

Thank you TechyV!


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