Computer freezes when playing videos on Chrome

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My computer will usually freezes when playing streaming videos using Google Chrome. I can't do anything on my machine if it freezes. Mouse, keyboard and everything won't work anymore. I have lots of plug-ins on my Chrome and I'm not sure which one or if it's the one that is causing the issue. Please help.

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Computer freezes when playing videos on Chrome


It normally happens. You can try the following workarounds below:

1. Try to disable Chrome's built-in Flash Player and let the Adobe Flash Player to run. To do this:

  • Open Chrome and in a new tab, type the following and press enter. About:plugins
  • Expand Details tab from the upper right portion. You can find two entries under the Flash section with a subject written as Shockwave.
  • Disable the path ChromeApplicationchrome versiongcswf32.dll and just leave the other path FLashNPSWF32.dll enabled.

2. You can also try to right-click on the video before playing and then go to its settings and untick the Enable Hardware Acceleration check box.

3. Check if you still have enough RAM space or you are not overloading your computer with processes. Remember that YouTube recommends RAM with a minimum of 128MB for viewing videos.

4. Check for any Internet Connection issues. A slow connection will cause hangs and freezes when loading videos.

5. Check your video card if its properly working.

6. Update Google Chrome to the latest version.

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