Computer enters blue screen mode

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Good day everyone.

I would like to ask for help regarding this computer which I just purchased just 2 months ago. I don’t know what happened but it all started when I installed a game called Diablo. After that my computer suddenly stops responding and will enter blue screen mode.

I removed this game but the error stayed. Now, I cannot play a game straight because of my computer constantly shutting down.

Sometimes it will shut down after 30 minutes but sometimes it stays on up to 3 hours then shuts down again.

This restarting of computer on its own is driving me mad.

Can anyone please help me solve this problem?

What can possibly the cause of this error?

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Computer enters blue screen mode


Blue screen error is called "Memory Dump Error". 

Your system is shutting down due to corrupted system files. First of all please check your virtual memory and make it maximum, ideally it's double than your physical RAM, if it not works than onces just repair your system with new source of your current OS. 

Do not format entire HardDisk just format drive which is contain OS and make sure do not make quick format. 

If you go'nna to make format please take backup of your data.

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Computer enters blue screen mode


Hi Roipatrick,

It is very Strong issue.

Anyway I have given a solution for you that would be helpful for you.

  • Go to start menu and click on the control panel.
  • Go to Problem Reports and solution by double clicking on the control panel or you can go to System and Maintenance and click on the Problem Reports and Solution.
  • In the tasks pane from The Problem Reports and Solution you can see a new window and click on the Check for New Solutions. Windows will search new solution for your Blue screen problem.
  • If it will say that No New Solution Found then Close the Window. And if it will Display a new link then follow the link and instruction to resolve this problem.

I hope it will work for you.

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Computer enters blue screen mode


A stop or blue screen error occurs when serious problem causes the computer to shut down or restart unexpectedly. Some bears a message like "Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer." These errors are possibly caused by both hardware and software issues that is difficult to troubleshoot sometimes. But there are some tools and methods which can often help get Windows up and running again like the following:


If Windows can be started:

Undo recent changes using System Restore

Use Action Center to check for solutions to problems

Check Windows Update for software updates

Search for drivers on the manufacturer's website

Use safe mode to troubleshoot problems

Check your computer for hard disk and memory errors


If Windows couldn’t be started at all:

Try safe mode to start Windows

Use Startup Repair to fix Windows startup files

Undo recent changes using System Restore

Restore your computer using a system image backup

Reinstall Windows


Check out this page for detailed instruction.

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Computer enters blue screen mode


Hi good day…

I read the issue about the Blue screen of death (BSOD) this kind of issue occurred during a serious problem in the windows system and computer hardware. To resolve this kind of issue you must repair your system windows or make a new installation of windows system.

To make a new installation of windows’ system just select only drive C:  for a new installation of windows


Delete all programs in drive C: and make new installation.

Then add 1 gig memory card to your computer.

When you playing Diablo the computer spec you used is. Processor: core 2 duo 3.0 gig, Video card 1 gig

Memory card; 2 gig. In this spec you can played your game.

Thank you. Hope its help



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Computer enters blue screen mode


I have read your problem and think that you have a problem on your memory card (RAM).

Some if the reasons why RAM crashes down are the following:

  • Too many application are open
  • heavy usage
  • small memory and then you install a game which requires high memory. It's like you have a 128mb memory and then you install a game which require 256MB

Try this different method on repairing your RAM and see if the error still appear. Here are the following ways to repair your RAM:

  • Restarting your computer – in your case restarting will not solve your problem try the second one.
  • Clean Registry – It would delete unwanted programs in your windows. After this try restarting your computer if the error still appear then try the last one.
  • Clean the RAM itself and the SLOT – Clean the RAM memory itself. First take the memory off its slot then clean the copper side of the memory using an eraser. Rub the eraser through the copper part of the memory. After, clean its slot and then plug it again.

When none of this worked, try consulting a technician. Or else you could buy a new RAM.

The reasons why your computer shuts down while playing a game is because your Video card is not compatible on the game that you are playing. Usually pc shuts down while playing game is because of some reasons such as; The video card cannot support the graphics of the game, also, the RAM is not enough to support the required memory that your game require.

Next time when you want to install a game, know first the specs of your computer and see if it meets the required specs of the game needed to be play.

I hope it helped.

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Computer enters blue screen mode



Here is the solution to your question; The problem you have with your computer may been caused by the viruses carried by games executable file which is known to carry lethal viruses.

As a result it has affected your hard disk hence i would advise you to replace your computers' hard disk and format again. After doing so, I believe you will experience such a problem no more. Visit this site.


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