Computer does not boot after using for a specific amount of time

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I use my computer basically for gaming. Whenever I play for 8 hours or more, the computer does not boot the next time I use it.

However, there are times that it boots but then suddenly turns off after several minutes of usage. I changed to a different powersupply before but the problem still persists. What could be the problem?

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Computer does not boot after using for a specific amount of time


Hello Orangeisorange,

It seems that your computer has a problem, especially with the power supply and the fan. If the computer restarts when you are using it then it means that it is preventing the system from overheating, and also when it shuts down after you use it like for 8 hours means the same thing. When you replaced the power supply, are you sure that you fixed it properly because it may be loose and thus causing the problems you are having now. Or if you purchased a faulty power supply then it could still be heating up and making the computer to restart all the time.

Check the fan too. If it not able to cool the system as needed, then the system may be restarting as a preventive mechanism from overheating. Therefore you will need to repair or replace the fan.


Mahesh Babu


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Computer does not boot after using for a specific amount of time




Remember: Before generating any effort to get rid of or substitute any component in the casing, make sure that the power is shut off.

Very well, the very first thing that might be leads to this is your memory card or RAM. Try to get rid of it and put it in another memory slot within the system board. To make sure if your motherboard is definitely still in very good operating condition, remove the RAM after that power on thecomputer. You should hear constant beeping and If you hear this, in that case your motherboard is okay. If inserting the RAM in another slot doesn't work then this trouble lies with the RAM alone. You'll have to replace it.

Sometimes it may be that some faulting PCI cards or Video cards are triggering this problem. You should try to get rid of your PCI cards. Typically a faulting PCI device causes this sort of error. Take it off and after that power on the computer.

The processor can not be malfunctioning however if you want to double check it, take away the CPU Cooler fan. Next turn on the Computer. Put your finger on the processor for 3 seconds. Make sure you find the processor warming up. Then power it down quickly. If this runs then your processor is good.Keep in mind, never to abandon it ON for more than 5 secs.


Hope it helps.

Mary Jean

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