Computer crashes everytime I play a game on the PC

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Every time I play a game like Red Orchestra 2 etc. on my computer, it crashes. The screen turns black and it locks up completely. Pressing ctrl+alt+del does not work so I have to restart. My NVIDIA driver has been updated but still it didn't work. I noticed that when it crashes, the fan spins in full blast. Could someone tell me what might be the problem? Is my graphics card broken?

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Computer crashes everytime I play a game on the PC


There are a number of fixes that you can apply for your problem:

1. You can try and verify if the CPU overheats itself. When the nominal temperature exceeds, the CPU has a thermal protection which relies in shutting down the PC for quicker cooling. A quick fix would by to unmount the fan and heatsink and apply a thermal conductor paste on the CPU (make sure to no apply to much, just a drop) to allow a faster thermal conductance between the heatsink an the CPU.

2. Verify that your CPU fan is working. Your computer ca rune fine without using the CPU's fan, but if by any chance a more demanding application starts to run, then the CPU will overheat faster and force the PC to shutdown.

3. Make sure that your CPU is not overclocked. Oveclocking your CPU does give you a benefit of faster clock speeds and higher frequency, but it can also make your CPU much more unstable. I would recommend in restoring back to stock values.

As summer comes, the ambient temperatures rise, and it is recommended to keep your PC case clean and dust free to allow faster air circulation within it.

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