Comparison between C and CLR

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What are the machines supported by the compiler.

What are the difference of C from CLR and JVM?

Why is there is no garbage collector included in the system?

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Comparison between C and CLR


Hi Jarius,

CLR which stands for Common Language Runtime runs in a stack based virtual machine. It has a platform – Independent bytecode format and secure and type safe environment. Deallocation of its objects is handled by the garbage collection system.

Objective C on the other hand must be managed manually either by the old C style via the reference counting system.

 JVM on the other hand is a general purpose object oriented architecture-neutral programming language. It is very simple. Compilers of Java program convert the source code into Java bytecode which is then stored in java class files. It is stack based, secure and has automatic memory management.


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Comparison between C and CLR


Hi Jarius C is the programming Language developed by Dennis Ritchie and now it is the basic for any programming language as major benefits are only with C language and are many programs are developed based on this language as the first priority.

Compiler itself states that it is used to generate a file that is understandable to machine which is given by the user and compiler translates user level language to machine level language.

JVM is an Java Virtual Machine which is basically used for compiling java programs and is heart of JAVA as total depends on the JVM and the compiler is different from one language to another language as each uses a different type of compiler.

Now coming to Garbage Collector its work is to automatically remove the waste files by calling the system.gc() and is used to free the memory to perform better.

Hence suppose JAVA uses JVM compiler and C# uses CSC compiler and C uses C compiler as you can see it is different from one language to another language.

Thank You.

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Comparison between C and CLR


Thanks,  Hoting Gracia ,

For a very detailed comparison. Even though, all of that information is hard to grasp in just one read.

I have the basic knowledge about their different.

I am very thankful to you and to techyv.

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