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how does the Nokia n8 compare to Iphone and blackberry?????which phone is better, either a Blackberry or an iPhone or Nokia N8?Which one is better for businessmen? And which one is better for general use?Any differences???

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Hi Anonymous,

What a very nice question. We all know that Nokia N8, Iphone and Blackberry are smart and net phones. They are all great but they also have differences. Apple Iphone is the most popular among those 3 phones. Aside from it is proven and tested in the market, it is really very easy to use. Nokia N8 is also great specially the camera which has 12 megapixel. While blackberry is usually use in a social networks.

For a businessman, I recommend him to use either Nokia N8 or an Iphone. They are both great and almost similar and easy to use for communications like email and Instant messages.

In general use, I would recommend blackberry because it is the cheapest and simplest among the three.