Combine two SDSL Lines into a single LAN

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I have two SDSL lines for my business and I want to used it in connecting to a single LAN to the Internet with two routers. I am planning to just send a traffic to one another using the custom routing instruction in the servers. Could it be possible? Please teach me how?

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Combine two SDSL Lines into a single LAN




 This is an interesting question that got me interested in researching if it was even possible. Though there are mixed opinions of its functionality I have some both good news and bad. Good news is that it is possible but not exactly as you would believe. You can combine two DSL lines as "one" but its bandwidth doesn't increase. For example if you had two 1Mb/s connections, if you "combined" them you won’t end up with 2Mb/s as you might have expected (the bad news). Instead what happens is that your speed doesn't increase but you can have 2 open connections at the same time so your network doesn't necessarily lag if the bandwidth is being saturated. What happens is what you call load balancing, wherein if one line is being saturated, additional packets are routed to the other line. That's as close as you get to "combining" your internet connections.

 The equipment needed in order to do this would be a Dual WAN Router. There are numerous models out there that can cater to your specific needs.

T McDuffy


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