Is cloud hosting same as VPS?

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I am curious whether cloud hosting would suit me.  I have 5 servers to cater to simple websites which I am hosting right now.  The bandwidth is about 10 GB per month.  Would going cloud mean that I would compromise the quality of my servers?  Is it similar with VPS?  Would it suit me or should I just stick to my current situation?

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Is cloud hosting same as VPS?


Hello Casey Edison,

The differences between cloud hosting and VPS are little. VPS hosting can be served via a cluster. It can be found on a single beefed up server. On the other hand cloud computing is usually found running on a cluster of servers. Which will allow for redundancy and failover. However for cloud computing storage space it is using ISCSI or other form of Network Storage. But you can see most of the VPS hosts uses local storage.

From my opinion I can tell you that you do cloud hosting. It wouldn’t mean compromising the quality of your servers.


Crawly Math.

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