Is Cloud computing going to create jobs???

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Hi Experts,

I have been browsing the internet for days. I found this site that talks a lot on Cloud computing. So decided you are the best.

Is the Cloud computing going to create jobs???

Thank you

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Is Cloud computing going to create jobs???


Hi Yahir,

Yes, you heard it right. Cloud computing is going to create a job. IT job to be more specific. IT professionals who understands cloud computing will be in demand. If companies will be going to use or embrace cloud computing, they will need capable IT professionals that can handle service management. Below are list of job titles that is related to Cloud computing:

  • Cloud computing Architect
  • Cloud Computing Professional
  • Doctoral Cloud Computing Applications
  • Cloud Computing Engineer
  • Cloud Computing Instructor and a lot more

Cloud computing really changes the world of IT. I hope I enlighten you with my answer.



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Is Cloud computing going to create jobs???




Yes you are right, Cloud computing create millions of jobs. This will have a very huge impact on job creation.

I will give you top 10 jobs relating to cloud computing

1.    Cloud Architect

2.    Cloud Software Engineer

3.    Cloud Sales

4.    Cloud Engineer

5.    Cloud Service Developer

6.    Cloud System Administrator

7.    Cloud Consultant

8.    Cloud Systems Engineer

9.    Cloud Network Engineer

10.  Cloud Product Manager


Some people think that cloud computing is eliminating the jobs. But that is not the truth. Truth is actually it is creating jobs.

 One important thing is when increase the cloud also decrease the server administrators. That tells business can run fewer resources using cloud computing.

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