Cloud computing and tools availability

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Hello Techyv,

Help needed with these questions.

Who is responsible for coining the term “Cloud Computing”? Does anyone know of a company that offers tools like optimized backend data centers, that include regional mirroring, welcome pages for customer acquisition, etc?

Thanking you guys in advance.

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Cloud computing and tools availability


Hello Boyer,

Please rely on the links below to solve your problem.

You need to understand  and read the articles and forums very carefully so that you can solve your issue regarding cloud computing:

  1. Development Tools for Cloud Computing – Tools that will allow the developer to create and install any application without needing to download anything on Desktop.
  2. Over 10 Open-Source Cloud Computing Tools and Resources – Composed of a list of the top ten open source software for Cloud Computing.
  3. Cloud Computing – Know more information about Cloud Computing, the advantages and other services.
  4. 15 Cloud Computing Management Tools – A list of 15 Cloud Computing Management Tools that you can use for business.
  5. Cloud Management Tools – A guide for beginners in Cloud Computing.

The last one is a guide for beginner which I know it can help you a lot. Good luck!


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Cloud computing and tools availability


It is not really clear who first coined the word cloud computing. The term started to be widely used in the nineties when some telecommunications providers started to offer dedicated VPN service. About a company that offers those tools, please check Equinix and IBM , they may have what you are looking for.

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Cloud computing and tools availability



Some accounts trace the birth of the phrase "Cloud Computing" to 2006 where there are large companies like Google began using "cloud computing" in which people are simultaneously gaining access on softwares, computer power, and files over the internet.
But technology review traced the invention of the term a decade earlier, to late 1996 to an office park outside Houston. During that time Netscape web browser is making such a buzz. Inside the offices of Compaq Computers, a small group of technology executives was planning the future of the Internet Business which they call as "cloud computing"

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