Chrome was not opening sir

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I closed 2 tabs before in chrome and my reopens cannot open and I also reinstall you may fix this problem.

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Chrome was not opening sir


Normally it happens because some antivirus software can crash Google Chrome.

What you need to do is to disable the application or antivirus software temporarily.

Here’s your guide to disable the antivirus:

1. Go to “start” button then click “Control Panel”.
2. Click “Security Center”; under the “Virus Protection” you will see the list of antivirus software on your computer.
3. Now there are different ways to disable it depends on the software. See the link below to check the right procedure here
After that, you can try to open Google Chrome again. If you’re able to open it you need to re-enable the antivirus.
The link provided above will also be your guide to re-enable the software.
If the same thing happens, you need to update your antivirus software.
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Chrome was not opening sir


This could be a possible bug after some Google Chrome update. Or it can also be a compatibility issue or a possible virus attack. Try to do the following and see what can fix your issue:

1. Check on your Firewall if Chrome is blocked. If it is, unblock it.

2. Disable your security software temporarily and then install Chrome. Once installed successfully, enable your antivirus program again.

3. Go to the Chrome folder in your hard disk and search for the GoogleUpdateSetup.exe and then click on it. Try Chrome again.

4. Scan your computer for possible malware or virus. If there is any threat found, delete it.

5. Restore your computer from earlier point before the error occurs.

6. Before attempting to reinstall chrome, remove all of its contents and then restart your computer and try to install it back.

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Chrome was not opening sir


There are different factors why this happens to your web browser. One possible reason could be caused by conflicts in the system. Another is file corruption that usually happens in different cases. I will explain some possible solutions since the condition you explained is very brief and hard to understand.

The very first thing to do when a program suddenly doesn’t want to start or open is to reinstall it. Let’s reinstall the web browser in a different way. Uninstall Google Chrome then restart your computer even if it doesn’t prompt you to restart the system. After booting, open Windows Explorer then navigate to “C:Program Files”.

Check if Google Chrome’s folder is still there. If the uninstall wizard didn’t remove the folder, delete the folder manually. Right-click the folder and then select Delete. Hit Yes to confirm the action. After deleting the folder, proceed on installing Google Chrome. If you are using an older version of this web browser, download the latest version from Download and install Google Chrome.

Try opening Google Chrome to see if it works. Since you are having problems with your web browser, it would also help if you exclude it from the programs being monitored by your antivirus. Open your antivirus then go to Settings. There is always an option there where you can add files to be excluded. The image below is an example on how to exclude programs or files from auto protect in Norton Internet Security.

If Google Chrome still doesn’t want to work, the last option is to use a different web browser since there are lots of available web browsers you can choose. Besides Google Chrome, you can use Opera, Maxthon, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

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