Query on using Mac PC with OS X

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The new President and Vice President of our company uses Mac PC with Mac OS X OS while the Marketing and Accounting Department uses Vista and Windows 7.

The Operation Department uses Linux and has the dedicated software for their location that includes a compound inventorial and distribution client and server system. The company uses a Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 as their primary servers.

The question is, if you have been hired by the company as computer support assistant and the new vice president is not familiar in using Mac PC, and the company asked you to provide a written step-by-step procedure on accessing the documents that have been left to her from the old VP how can you write it?

And also please include in your answer on how to create a new folder in Mac and how to create a folder structure of the rulings of he company's board of directors, financial sheets word processor document files and marketing reports.

Take note that the new VP and the old VP is using the same account and the new VP needs to create two separate folders.

Thanks in advance.

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Query on using Mac PC with OS X


Your question has mainly two parts, one regarding the document structure of MAC OS X and the other one about the file system for windows 7. Regarding the MAC OSX, there is a very good basic level tutorial available at www.bgsu.edu/downloads/cio/file17755.pdf . You can learn the basic usage of MAC OSX using this fine piece.

Now for the second part of your question, from the point of view of security, NTFS is the best file system hands down. Its secure and fast and very reliable for the kind of applications that you are looking for. Don't even think about FAT32 or FAT64 because they are not so reliable.

About setting up your folder structure You can place all these folders in a separate directory or a separate partition. Name all the folders just as you have mentioned no need to find new names for these. Within the folders name the files in a meaningful way so that when you want to access a file you don't get lost in the list of files.

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