Latest Novell client download for Windows 7

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I am trying to install Novell client on my Windows 7 laptop. Can you please help me in getting the installation guide and information on latest Novell client download?

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Latest Novell client download for Windows 7


Hi Aabel,

I believe I will be able to help you solve the problem you face here in this situation. The Novelle client software can be installed or updated from a network server or UNC path or even a mapped drive. It can also be updated from a web server using a specific URL Such as;, it doesn't have to be installed only from the computer.

When you download the Novelle client for windows software, you need to follow these instructions for installation;

Ensure you are logged on as Administrator in the computer that you are using to install the client and that you have the password.

Double click 'setup.exe' where the installer file is, such as; C:NovellNovellClient 2 SP1

Select the language to use in the installation 

Select 'Use Windows language configuration to use the Windows default language, then click Next.
The language you choose here determines what language setup.exe and the installed Novell Client for Windows use. In most cases, the default use is for Windows

Choose one of the following installation methods:
Command prompt: Click the Start button, type 
command prompt in the Search box, then press Enter.
Run dialog box: Click the Start button, click All 
Programs, click Accessories, then click Run.
Type the path of the software followed by a space, slash (/), and then the parameter.e.g;
path_to_the_softwaresetup.exe [/ncpf] [/ncpf: properties_file_name] [/acu] [/?] 
For example:
C:NovellNovell Client 2 SP1 for Windowssetup.exe /

It should work well.

I hope this solves your query


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