Checking possibility of using two modems with one land line connection

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As mentioned above, I have got two working Modems with me here and I would like to know if there is any scope for using two modems in parallel. I want to connect one modem to a Wi-Fi router. Another modem, in a different room but same home will be connected to the desktop computer. Is it possible? I need to buy a wire and a splitter and would like to confirm here myself once before spending money to buy the harness. Have anybody tried this already? Does it work? Doesn’t it create any problem? Thank you for your reply

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Checking possibility of using two modems with one land line connection


Solution 1:

It is not possible to connect two modems with a single phone. ‘One modem per line’ that is the concept. You can run a cable from the modem to the other devices in the different rooms, if you are having access point. 

Solution 2:

Generally only one modem can connect with a DSL. If you want connect wireless to the same phone, you have to get a wireless router that fed by your modem and run an Ethernet cable. This should give 4 wired ports, 128 wireless ports are available. If we are trying to connect two modems with a DSL line, signal strength of one wither of them.

Solution 3:

You can chain any number of routers LAN to WAN. (Router-1)[LAN]<-wire->[WAN](Router-2)[LAN]<-wire->[WAN](Router-3) However it must be a router, not a modem + router. A modem + router don’t support WAN port.

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