Charging problem of asus EEE PC

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When ever My EEE PC is connected through electricity, it charging display is swapped between AC to DC and DC to AC mode.

How can it be solved?

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Charging problem of asus EEE PC


Hello friend,

Well first of all did you check your battery? You can try another battery for your laptop by borrowing it from a friend or a relative of yours and then check if the same problem persists. If no then probably its your battery which is creating this problem so its time to replace it. If battery is not the problem then you need to fix your DC Socket and then check.

Also check out your connector as well as adaptor, even that might be causing a problem as many a times power supply does not reach completely to the battery and this error takes place. If that's the problem than replace your adaptor.

Hope this helps.


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Charging problem of asus EEE PC


That is odd. I know, when you connect the charger to your laptop, the computer will shift from battery to AC power and will eventually begin charging the battery. But if this thing happens every time you connect the charger to your laptop, I don’t think the problem is with the charger because its only job is to recharge the battery or give power to the machine.

It doesn’t have the control to change the power source of the laptop from battery to AC because that task is done by the machine. I guess it is obvious that your battery is damaged or faulty. An immediate solution to this issue is to operate the laptop on AC power but without the battery.

This reduces the risk of further damaging the battery especially burning the unit. In case the battery got burned, it has a danger of burning the board as well that’s why it is important to remove it early. To operate the laptop on AC power without the battery as if you are using an ordinary desktop computer, shut down your laptop then remove the battery from the bottom compartment.

After that, connect the charger to your laptop as if you are just charging the battery. Once it is connected, press the power button on your machine and it will start normally. And that’s it, an immediate remedy for a faulty battery.

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